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1. How would you describe your style of photography?

I like to capture honest, emotional moments. I don’t like to stage or create something that is not real. I have a background in documentary photography. I like to act as an observer, and I try to be as unobtrusive as possible.  I think about the way I would want to be photographed if I were getting married or was a guest at a wedding. People don’t like to be constantly aware that there is a camera lens following them – what they do want at the end of the day are beautiful, natural images that they will treasure forever.


2. What is your consultation like?

I like to meet the bride and groom in person, and always do so if logistics allow. I want to get to know them as people – see how they interact with each other. This really helps me to capture their special day through their eyes. During the consultation, we go over the entire process from the engagement photo session to editing and post-production, and answer questions they may have and discuss talk about any special moments, guests of honor, or specific shots they’d like me to photograph. I usually have a good sense of how I want to photograph them by the end of the meeting.


3. Do you shoot digital or film? What are the pros/cons of each?

Both are great. As a classically trained photographer, I will forever love film and the subtle qualities it brings to photos. However, like many other event, commercial, and art photographers, I have made the transition to digital over the last ten years.  It has many advantages that are particularly beneficial in a wedding environment. It allows me to review photographs immediately onsite to make sure I have captured exactly what the couple wants, and I’m able to upload photographs to a password protected website for the couples to enjoy and share with friends quickly. It also makes it much easier for the couple to review photos and decide what copies they would like at their convenience in the privacy of their home. Of course, if a couple feels strongly, I will shoot their wedding in film, but the majority appreciate the many advantages that digital provides.


4. Do you shoot solo or with additional photographers or an assistant on the day of the event?

For smaller events, I like to shoot solo, so that I have full control over every shot. However for larger weddings, the use of a second photographer is helpful, especially to capture table and venue shots, or to be there when the bride and groom are getting ready at different locations.  No matter the size of the wedding, I also bring an assistant so that I can concentrate on the photography. The assistant carries backup equipment, is ready to hand me different types of cameras to capture every shot perfectly, and uploads data to my laptop throughout the event so we can review onsite as needed.

5. What type of camera gear, lenses and accessories do you use.

I have the following Nikon camera gear which I bring to every wedding.

1 x Nikon D3 SLR (dual card slots for backup)

1 x Nikon D3s SLR (dual card slots for backup)

1 x Nikon D3x SLR (dual card slots for backup)

1 x Nikon 14-24 mm F2.8 Lens

1 x Nikon 24-70 mm F2.8 Lens

1 x Nikon 70-200 mm F2.8 VR1 Lens

1 x Nikon 85 mm F1.4 Lens

1 x Nikon 105 mmF2.8 Macro Lens

1 x Nikon 200 mm F4 Macro Lens

8 x Sandisk 32 GB Extreme III compact flash cards


6. How will we review our photographs?

One week after your event, you will receive a link to a private website with all of the images. You have the ability to view all edited photos taken on your wedding date and you can then email me all the changes you would like done. All post editing and special effects are free of charge.


7. What kind of packages do you offer?

My preference is to work with clients to tailor the albums to them. Some people like to pre-purchase one main album and two parent albums with a set number of prints, but more and more, I find that my clients prefer to sit down with me after their event and customize their albums to the images. It can be overwhelming to review so many photos, and most people really appreciate having expert advice and guidance. The most important thing you must decide for your wedding is the amount of photography coverage hours you would like.


8. Do you have liability insurance?

I have full liability insurance coverage for myself and my employees. My insurance agent will provide a certificate of liability for your venue.


9. If I hire you, will you be doing my photo shoot, or someone else from your company?

I personally photograph all of my events.  For large events, I may suggest a second photographer to make sure we capture everything, but I will be the one photographing all the most important shots and events.

10. What is your standard attire for the day of the event?

I like to look like a guest at your event, and will follow your dress code – whether that be a suit or black tie.


11. Are you able to work with a photo checklist we provide?

I encourage shot lists.  I find it particularly helpful during the formal portraits. I know you have very specific moments, people, and events you want to capture forever, and it’s my job to help you create the memories you will treasure for a lifetime. It’s a great thing to think through these kind of details in advance, as on your wedding day, you don’t want to think about anything but each other!


12. Do you personally edit our photographs or do you outsource it?

I personally edit all photos taken on your wedding date.


13. Are the images on the DVD high resolution? Are they watermarked with your logo?

The images on the DVD are at a high resolution (4000 px on the long edge by 240 dpi), I do not reduce their size at all. Also, they are not watermarked with any logos or copyright information.


14. Do you travel out-of-state to do photography?

This is negotiable upon request; all travel expenses (e.g. airfare, accommodation) must be provided.


15. Do you offer Album’s or Photo Books?

Yes I offer different styles of Album’s and Photo Books.  Contact me for prices.


16. I want a combination of both colour and black & white for my wedding – is that possible?

Yes, as I shoot digitally, I select a variety of images and convert them into black and white.


17. Some photographers ask that no one else take pictures during the formal photography. Is that reasonable?

I don’t find it a problem that there are other people taking photos. The only problem then is that those being photographed don’t know which camera to look at. The option is yours.


18. How can I reserve my date?

Just contact me via phone or email. A non-refundable deposit is required (normally 50%) to secure the date, that cost does come off the total price of the package.


19. When do I pay the final balance?

The final balance is due – at the latest – 14 days before the ceremony. I accept, cash, cheque and direct deposit. If extra time has been booked either before hand or at the reception, this must be booked and paid for no later than 14 days prior to the day, if it is booked within the 14 days there is no guarantee i can stay the extra time.


20. How will I get my photographs?

The photographs will be given to you on DVD which are fully labeled and come in a case like a nomral movie DVD would. The option of a blu ray disc is also possible. It can either be picked up or mailed out to you, normally within 2-4 weeks.


21.  What type of prints do you offer?

I offer all sorts of prints from luster to metallic to canvas. There are so many options these days that it is best to discuss this during the wedding consultation.


22.  Do you offer engagement or pre-wedding photography?

Yes, all packages have this session included free of charge and the photos are for you to keep.


23.  We are happy with everything, how do we proceed to book you?

Please contact me via email or phone to set up a wedding photography consultation.